Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

We are so lucky to have our kids and grand kids across the street. Sid and Liz had Santa come to our house because, "we have a chimney for Santa to come down." It was so fun to have the wonder of a three year old to see what Santa brought. Paige and Matt, Jessica, and Zach were all together this morning. Papa brought a new sled that was delivered at his house!

Next it is off to Kent's house for the cousin gift exchange and breakfast. We really missed our Dad, but we had each other (except Steve and family).

At night the whole Hansen family met for dinner at the Baucoms. Emma Lou and Frank presided over our Hansen cousin dinner. DeeAnn, Scott, Amanda, and their families represented the Hopkins. Kirk and Kevin and their darling families were there for the Jowers. Shelly, Kent, and Teri Lyn and their families represented the Hansens. Steven even came in town the next day! It is so important to us to be together.

Christmas Eve at Bob and Papa Sid's Home

The great thing about Christmas is gathering with family! We meet every Christmas Eve at Bob and Papas for a wonderful evening. Since I have no idea how to blog, I posted this exactly opposite of the correct order of things. First, we have a turkey dinner and completely gorge ourselves. Then we have our bell choir. Everyone has to join in and ding......
Last is the opening of presents. Bob takes all the kids shopping to buy things for their siblings. Bob is such a trooper. I would never attempt such a thing!!!!

John and Bonnie purchased deluxe bells this year. They sounded wonderful.

Sid is the resident choir leader.

We are certainly blessed.

Ward Party

Our Ward has the most wonderful Christmas party tradition. We do a sub-for-Santa project every year. Gifts that are needed for several families are hung from the tree in our ward. Members and neighbors pick gifts and shop to provide these things for families in need. We meet on the Saturday before Christmas to gather things together and share a great Christmas breakfast! The boys were so glad to get to see Santa.

Yellowstone Ranch Christmas Party

Katie Howells hosted a wonderful Yellowstone Ranch Christmas Party. We were so honored to attend and spend some "winter time" with our Ranch friends. We had great food, great talk, and a great time together.

Kick off of The Christmas Season-Annual Progressive Dinner

The Christmas season seemed to come up on us quicker this year. I remember my father telling me, "the older you get the faster time seems to fly". I must be ancient. It was a wonderful, fun, magical, emotional, and always fabulous season. I am so grateful for a wonderful family to share it all with! We began our celebration with our annual progressive dinner. We had appetizers at Tingey's, main course at Baucom's, and way too many desserts at the Hansen's. YUM!!!!!