Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fast Ranch Weekend with the boys!

We headed for the ranch on Friday, July 25. Papa Sid and Bob were very kind to welcome us. We spent another idealic weekend. The boys are becoming real cowboys.A

When we leave a TV on the porch.

Sid purchased a large screen TV from Robbie Flandro (great idea...bad idea). It does not fit in the basement. If you leave a TV on your porch, a party will ensue. Paige and Matt brought over "Rock Band". They gave a concert in the back yard.

Jack and Max were not really interested

Pioneer Trek

On July 10 , 2008, we set off on Parley's Stake's youth Pioneer Trek. This was an honor and a blessing to be involved with. It was a spiritual, fun, hard, dirty and wonderful experience.
Kathryn and the Young Women's leadership set off in their vehicle to set up the sites along the way. Shelly looks not so great.

One of the advantages is to be able to take pictures of your own child.

The night's resting place. Sid delivering the mail on the "pony express".

The grand conclusion was a testimony meeting in the world's most beautiful chapel.