Monday, March 3, 2008

Paige...Matt...and the Mooses

Paige and Matt were running the Red Butte trail on Saturday. They came around the corner and ran right into a Cow Moose and her baby. The mother chased them off for what seemed a very long time. Finally Paige, Matt, and Driggs ran up onto a cliff face and escaped the "mad" mom. Let this be a warning to you, never let a Mom think you might hurt her baby. That goes double for me!!!!

Flowers For Brandon's Wedding Dinner

These are for Jessica's benefit. I think Bobbi did a great job!

Emily Kate Hansen is Sealed to Her Family!

What a blessing to be able to join with Steven and his family in the Salt Lake Temple. We were able to watch Emily Kate be sealed as a member of the Hansen family.

We celebrated that evening in the normal Hansen way.......with FOOD!

Freak East

Freak East is always a proud moment for any family. I thought you should all enjoy the beauty of your little brother!