Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daniel's Summit 2-21-2009

The night before we left for Daniel's Summit the boys came over to watch a movie with us.

Lotsa fun and sun in the snow!

The boys did not want to get off the snowmobiles.

For the second weekend in a row, we went snowmobiling. This time with a great big thank you to Papa Sid for giving us a great Daniel's Summit weekend. We had a blast, but really missed Matt and Paige!

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Weekend at the Ranch

The entire family went up to the ranch for President's Weekend this year!

The boys dressed up and off to the reserviour on the pipe we went. It was a winter wonder land.

Jess and Sidney taught Charlie to ski!

We skiied, snowmobiled, played with the ice castles, and just hung out. What a blast!

Christmas Morning

Smallest to tallest, we come up to see if Santa left anything.

Charlie got a new cape, and Dad got a new gun.

Zach reads a new book to Jack.
Who has the most fun? I think Grandma!!!

Making Cookies for Christmas

We had a great time making cookies for the neighbors.