Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr. Sid Graduates From Medical School

This was such a wonderful emotional day. Sid and I couldn't be prouder of "little" Sid and his wife. They have accomplished something quite wonderful. To make it even more special; Sid's father in law, Roger Boyer, was able to "hood" Sidney as he is a Trustee of the University of Utah. Sid hates it when I write anything about his accomplishments, but I have to this time. He was named Surgical Student of the year and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha. It was quite a day.

Memorial Day at the Ranch 2009

It was an ideal weekend at the ranch. We worked, we played, we sat around, most of all we enjoyed being together.

It is always fab when we find a stinky snake on the pipe.

Jess and Zach crossed the res. eventhough it was raging. They hiked up Cow Canyon and down Harmston Basin.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sid's Attic Foray

Sid is such a talented hard working guy. He is moving my washer and dryer to the back bedroom. It has been quite the project. He had to climb up on our attic to run wire for the washer and dryer. It was awful. I had to smile at the outfit though.